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Coolisa has built tools to help SMMEs keep their operational records and inevitably access resources like funding.

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Business Operating System

Our BOS App allows business owners to manage their entire business operations in one app. This also allows easy integration between departments.

POS & e-Commerce

Our POS systems are built for small scale retailers like coffee shops, shisa nyama, Kota shops, clothing shops, street vendors, market sellers and other small scale SMEs.

Payment Solutions

Our payment solutions are targeted at collecting payments in informal African markets like the taxi space, Car guards, street vendors and other informal traders.

SuperCharge your Business (BOS)



Our Invoicing platform helps businesses create, send, and track invoices. It also help businesses automate the invoicing process, manage their finances, and get paid faster.


Our platform helps businesses record and track financial transactions. It also automates the bookkeeping process, manage finances, and generate reports.


Our Human resource management (HRM) platform helps businesses manage their employees. It can be used to automate HR tasks, such as onboarding, timesheets, attendance, leave, employee data and performance management.

Sales Management

Our sales manager tools helps businesses manage their sales process. It tracks leads, manage opportunities, and close deals.

Project Management

Our project management tools help businesses track the progress of their projects, collaborate with team members, and communicate with stakeholders, improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability.


Our productivity platform helps users to be more productive in their work. It automates tasks, manage time, and collaborate with others.


Our reporting tools helps businesses collect, analyze, and report data. It tracks performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions.


Our payroll helps businesses manage their payroll process. It calculates wages, deductions, and taxes, and to generate payslips.

Asset Management

Our asset manager tools helps businesses track and manage their assets. It also tracks the location, condition, and value of assets, and to generate reports on asset usage.

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